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Journey Law Group founded in 2016. Led by Guy Mizrahi, this LA-based law firm represents clients across the state of California with a hands-on and personalized approach. When fighting for your rights against powerful adversaries like insurance companies and vehicle manufacturers, you want a savvy, experienced legal team that knows all the opportunities and pitfalls. With Mizrahi leading the charge, you’ll have exactly that and the knowhow necessary to truly take on your Goliath.

While studying at Loyola Law School and during his first two years as a young attorney, Mr. Mizrahi worked on the other side of the table. Specifically, he worked at a firm specializing in defending insurance companies against personal injury claims. Mr. Mizrahi was tasked with minimizing any type of recovery alleged by injured parties. Thereafter, Mr. Mizrahi moved on to defending vehicle manufacturers against consumer lemon law and product liability claims.

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What Our Clients Say

Paul Lerner

Guy Mizrahi’s office represented me on a car accident case.  His law firm was very knowledgable about personal injury related cases. He was responsive, friendly and patient to get me a fair settlement.  I would highly recommend Mr. Mizrahi and other personal injury attorneys at this firm to anyone.

Mary Katz

The best of the best! I was involved in an accident and it was extremely overwhelming and upsetting. But Guy was patient, kind, and understanding every step of the way. He worked very hard to get me the settlement I deserved. I would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone I know.

Jason Huang

I am very happy with the service of Guy Mizrahi from Personal Injury Attorney in LA. He was so helpful, patient and kind . He did an amazing job with my case and settlement . Without a doubt I will be recommending his services to my friends and relatives.